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About us

In 2001 Zeno Steuri, as an employee of the Jobfactory, he took over the guitar workshop from his former master Gary E. Levinson (Blade and Levinson Acoustic Guitars). Together with the long-standing employee Godi Brunner they were involved in the development and in the construction of the prototypes for the legendary BLADE. They have taken over the know-how into the job Factory and extend it regularly through the nearness to the market.
In 2003 Philip Bangerter started to work in the guitar workshop and leads today the workshop and co-ordinates the close collaboration with the company Levinson Ltd.

After the retirement of Godi Brunner in autumn 2012, Mark Elliott, an experienced professional musician and guitar technician, joins in spring 2013 the workshop and makes the team complete again.

As a small team with long-standing experience we offer to every guitarist or bassists a high quality in guitarcare and set-up. We advise you competently on repair, retrofit and guitar "tuning". We do all kind of set-up works and repair general damages, we buff out the smallest scratches and varnish from matt finish to high gloss, we so refreting jobs and solve electronic problems! We install new pickups, we block tremoloes or make pickguards.

In summer 2013 we expanded our customer service with the official Swiss Installation and Service Center of Evertune Bridge Systems.

As a service partner of the wholesale (Levinson Ltd.) we are responsible for Swiss-wide (Crafter, Spector, Blade and Levinson Acoustics) as well as for worldwide (Blade and Levinson Acoustics) distribution.
We offer to the wholesale a comprehensive service. This contains stock management, quality controls and functional controls, guarantee repair, Custom Assembly as well as packing for worldwide shipping of the instruments.

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